Article written by : Webmaster SEO

topseosoftwarereviews-decMany companies spend a lot of time and effort into online marketing. One facet of this is content creation and marketing. There is a strategy put in place that will result in content created and then marketed online to generate leads. The problem, it seems, is that companies are only looking at the big picture and not actually measuring the leads generated from the content. There is an extremely effective tool that can be used to do measure these leads and is free to use: Google Analytics.

The process of measuring leads using Google Analytics is a two-step process that uses the Goals feature. The intention here is to measure the amount of leads generated by content marketing versus other channels like social media.

Step one – Thank you page

In order for this to work, every successful lead generated needs to be sent to a thank you page created specifically for the content pages. When they convert to a lead, for example: by filling a form, they are then taken to a separate thank you page.

Step two – Set the page as a goal

Now that the thank you page has been setup, Google Analytics needs to be setup with the thank you page as a goal. This will now allow you to see how many leads are coming from which channel.  There are also reports that will show landing pages by a goal and the various acquisition channels for each.