Article Written by : Visible Theory

Many businesses that fail to grow make one key mistake: they obsess over attracting new customers. They forget to ensure that every existing customer gets the most out of the product in addition to being delighted by the experience. This is customer success.

Here are three strategies for ensuring that customer success is a key driver for growth:

Full company involvement – Everyone in the organization should think about customer success. It is more than just the right product training. When it is part of the mindset at every level, the customer feels the difference. From the product design teams to customer service, a customer-focused mindset builds better products and experiences. Ensure that each customer leaves each interaction with the organization with the impression that they come first.

Common data repository – Collect all the data on customer product usage in one location. It is important to understand how the customer used the product. See what habits lead to success and focus on extending and improving those. With an aggregated data repository, it will be easier to identify issues and to come up with solutions.

Awareness – Make sure the customer knows about all the customer success programs available. Make these programs part of the product marketing and integrate them into the system. Often customers choose one option over another when there is training and customer orientation programs part of the product. In addition, ensure that it comes with all level of the product.