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In our previous blog, we discussed how dedicated hosting helps SEO by increasing page loading speed. Since Google’s search engine algorithm favors sites that provide a better user experience, it’s important to make sure your website loads as quickly as possible. We explained that dedicated hosting is one of the fastest web hosting options because it doesn’t require you to share resources with other websites.

In light of this, there are even more reasons why dedicated hosting is a wise choice for companies seeking to improve their search engine rankings. When it comes to performance, dedicated hosting can provide you more uptime because of the way it is set up. Both shared and dedicated hosting providers usually promise their customers 99% uptime. However, shared servers are more vulnerable to downtime when they experience traffic spikes.

Since bandwidth is shared across all websites on shared servers, one site experiencing high traffic may lead to a shortage of bandwidth for other websites. This will result in both slower loading speeds and downtime. In contrast, dedicated servers are more equipped to deal with traffic spikes, since no website has to share server resources with others.

Downtime can be devastating to your search engine rankings because it means Google’s web crawler cannot index your website. If your website is down for an extended period of time, it could even result in a permanent drop in the rankings. Furthermore, when your website is down, visitors cannot interact with your brand or purchase your products. This could lead to a loss of profits.

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