There are several reasons why you might want to find out how much traffic a website gets a month. The first, and most common, is for competitive research. Knowing how your current traffic compares to your opposition is extremely useful. Another possibility is that you want to advertise on a site and do not want to approach them unless you know there is enough traffic to justify the cost. Here are some ways to find out the traffic stats of a website:


You can enter the domain name into Alexa and get traffic stats, the geographic distribution of that traffic, bounce rate and so on. Unfortunately, the traffic estimates are only available to paid Alexa members. Even then, the stats are only available for about 28% of the sites in the list.

Similar web

With Similar web you can get a site’s total visits for the past month, average visit duration, how many pages per visit and the bounce rate. These figures are also estimates and come from several sources which include monitored devices, ISP data, and connected websites. Also, when you choose a site, you can scroll down and get details like traffic by country etc.


Last, but not least is SEMRush, which shows organic traffic, PPC traffic, and organic keywords. The numbers here are a lot less than both of the above tools because it only counts organic traffic. The data is very useful and is better geared towards sites that get the majority of their traffic from Google.Save