topseosoftwarereviews-novOne of the notable changes in Google ranking has been the rise in longer articles. This has resulted in a lot of extremely long, and sometimes badly structured articles being written. However, most of these articles have not had the sort of ranking the writers have expected. The difference is that Google is looking for comprehensive articles. Here is how to write more comprehensive articles that will rank well.

Identify all the questions for the topic

Your piece must answer all the questions for the search query. This means that explicit and implied questions must be answered. It can vary by the person’s background, profession, age etc. Regardless, the article must answer all of these viewpoints.

Gather information others cannot get

Once all the questions have been assembled, it should be answered in ways others cannot or have not already. Which means that some research needs to be done in places other won’t have access to or have not looked at. Access to proprietary data will be an advantage but even assembling existing information to present a new viewpoint would work.

Present it in ways others wont

There are various forms that content can be presented in. Use them. These formats needs to be index able so avoid presenting too much of the content as an infographic. Multi page formats, or even downloadable reports that do not have a CTA are options.  Ideally, it should be presented in ways others don’t but that also works to bring across the ideas in the article.