To make Facebook marketing effective, the company has released three new features. They are Video Metrics, Saved Replies and Responsiveness.

Here is a description of each of them apart from what they do:

topsoftwarereiews1: Saved Replies

Now users can send private messages to businesses via their Facebook page. Of course, a large number of messages might seem overwhelming but the ‘Saved Replies’ solution helps business owners to respond immediately using personalized replies. In other words, business owners can now respond to the same question (asked by a number of users!) just by a single click with this new feature.

2: Responsiveness

This feature is indicated by an icon that tells you how responsive you are in replying to messages. In order to get this icon posted on your page, you have to respond to 90% of the messages received and within the timespan of 5 minutes. This can be crucial for a business because people can feel that they can trust and might even want to do business with you if you are known to be ‘Very Responsive’.

Better still, this can give you an edge over the competition since about 60% of inquiries on Facebook pages tend to not get any responses at all. Only 18.5% of inquiries are made within two hours.

3: Video Metrics

Since brands now upload more videos to Facebook than even YouTube, it’s clear that metrics (which has been missing until now!) is definitely necessary. Now this feature has been added to Insights where one can view: Videos views and 30-second views at the page level, top videos within a selected date range and metrics for videos shared from other pages.