It’s common for real estate agents to use Facebook as a medium to connect with prospective buyers. Apart from this, they also use it to build business relationships with their peers.

Yet to do this successfully, a little effort is necessary by setting up a business page on Facebook. Here’s how you can market your real estate business using Facebook:

1: Update Your Cover Photo As Often As Possible

Use the cover photo to update the homes that you have for sale. Since you can change these images often, it’s good to use this to your advantage. If you must, check Facebook policies as to what you can do with cover photos.

topseosoftware 2: Create Helpful Tabs

You have the option of opening a number of tabs on your Facebook page. This can hold featured listings.

3: Keep in Mind the 80/20 Rule

As a rule 80 percent of your content should be consumer based while 20 percent should be based on your business. Following this will help you to engage and interact more with your customers. Some studies show that videos tend to get more engagement than posts with images.

4: Reply to Comments

It doesn’t matter if the comments posted on your page are good or bad. Respond to them in prompt fashion. This will let both current and potential customers that you are actually paying attention.

5: Add Photos & Videos

Whatever you do, ensure that you use photos and videos as much as possible in your posts. Most posts that contain media of this variety tend to enjoy far more engagement.