A new year demands a fresh start, and it is no different for your PPC strategy. The start of the year is a good time to review your current plan and develop something for the year ahead. Here are some sections that you should review:

Ad copy

When you take normal ad copy and make it fantastic, you will definitely see results. Often, too much emphasis goes into other factors that have less impact. First, check that your ad copy uses the two-headline format. A lot of ad copy remains unchanged, and they perform accordingly. Another step is to use ad extensions. Not only do the extensions provide additional information but they also increase visibility.

Bidding strategy

There is always room to improve your bidding strategy. One tip is to break CPA rules down to smaller values. Rather than cover a broad range of values in a single rules, you can set up multiple rules that use small values they encompass the complete range.


Voice search accounts for as much as 20% of mobile searches and uses phrasing quite different from regular queries. Review the keyword lists and add appropriate keywords that cover the voice search market. Also, look at new phrases for your market that did not exist before. According to Google, 15% of all phrases are unique each year.

These are just three sections you can review, but you could also look at your audiences, and switch over to the new AdWords interface if you haven’t done so already. Some new features will only appear in the new interface.