Most professionals know the importance of consistent marketing. You must keep your brand and/or company name highly visible, so that customers and potential clients don’t forget who you are and what your business is all about. Good marketing is the key to steady sales. Your message must be positive. This is all a part of building your brand and keeping sales strong. Below, Javier Loya CEO of OTC Global Holdings discusses a few other helpful tips on consistent marketing:

Be professional.

Ensure that your marketing campaigns have a central thread running through them. This can include choosing color schemes, layouts and fonts that are similar each time. Make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors. These reflect poorly on your business acumen and silently tell the reader that you aren’t careful with details.

Be creative.

Marketing requires creativity in order for a campaign or project to work. However, being creative does not necessarily mean veering too far away from your company or brand’s identity. While you shouldn’t distribute exactly the same postcard design year after year, you don’t need a new design every month. Be sure to take advantage of any holidays and offer special deals on President’s Day, 4th of July and such.

Effective Analytics

No matter how great your message is, if it’s not delivered in the proper form, it won’t be able to reach its full potential. This is where planning and proper research becomes crucial. Analytics have taken on a whole new meaning for the 21st century businessperson. Know your customer. Who is he? When does he shop? What makes him buy?

Adjust the marketing message for each type of media.

With so many types of media outlets these days, it’s important to remember that your message must be tweaked for each genre. A newspaper advertisement shouldn’t read the same as your email campaign. Even on social media sites, the message should be a bit different and designed especially for each one. One size does not fit all with marketing messages.

Be consistent.

Consistency is extremely necessary in any marketing campaign. It creates a professional persona for your business that will have long-term effects. As your brand is more organized and professional, it becomes more appealing and attractive to potential customers.

According to Javier Loya, your investment of time and resources should include thorough and detailed marketing campaigns and it’s one of those investments that will reap a high ROI for your business.