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SEO can be a very competitive field where every little advantage counts. There are a multitude of factors search engine algorithms take into account when determining which websites should rise to the top of the rankings. As some SEO professionals may know, one of these factors is how fast a site loads. Internet users are more likely to click out of a website that takes too long to load, so Google ranks slower sites lower in search engine results.

The type of server a site is hosted on can play a big part in how fast that site will be. Shared hosting servers can be slower, since more clients are using the server’s resources, such as bandwidth and memory. Also, there are clients on shared servers who will try to perform tasks too challenging for a shared server to handle because of its limited resources. When a shared server is forced to keep up with these exorbitant demands, all the websites on it will slow down as well.

When every second spent loading counts towards your site ranking, it is important to find a web hosting option that can maximize your site’s speed. Dedicated servers eliminate many of the speed issues experienced on shared servers because they do not require you to share server space with anyone else. Dedicated servers offer you more bandwidth, memory, and disk space than any shared server would be able to give you and you won’t have to worry about anyone else pushing the server’s limits past what it can handle.

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