Article Written : Host Edition

When we take on a new client, it is good to get a few early wins. These wins show the client that they made the right decision. Here are some easy wins you can get for your new clients.


One of the easiest wins comes from consolidation. Often, clients have several websites that date back to the old SEO days. Consolidate all of those properties into one, even if it means retiring all the others except for the main site. Use redirects to get backlink authority to the new locations. Usually, just the act of having everything in one place improves rankings and other on-site metrics. Common mistakes that lots of sites make are to have more than one homepage with an index.html redirect to another page and to have a www and non-www versions of the same site.


When dealing with a brand, there is a guaranteed certainty that there are unlinked mentions online. A few searches should surface most of the mentions of the brand that do not have links back to the site. Reach out to the publishers and ask them to link to your client.


Longer form content ranks higher than the typical 300-word post. For example, the top two pages for most blog content are over two thousand words long. Increase the copy on the sales pages to over a thousand words, and you will see some immediate improvements to search engine ranking. Google wants the most authoritative content for the visitor.