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In a recent meeting Facebook announced a variety of features that will help users lower the amount of time they spend using their social media apps. The features coming to both Facebook and Instagram include ways to keep an eye on the number of minutes (or hours) you spend with the app open, giving you more insight about how much of your day is spent browsing.

In addition to the new tools that will give Instagram and Facebook users the ability to track usage, the tech giant also plans to release a couple of other features that are a bit more preventative. Setting daily time limits and silencing notifications can more actively decrease usage, which could be troublesome for those whose livelihoods depend on social media usage.

Social media influencers

Facebook’s new features could be in response to mental health experts and researchers who have studied the effects social media addiction can have on an individual. Social media influencers and content creators thrive on audiences and need users to grow. If Facebook is actively trying to promote healthier social media usage, then social media influencers could start to experience decreases in the amount of user engagement or views they receive.

If these features become successful and Instagram influencers notice that fewer people are interacting with their promoted content, said influencers might have to get more creative with how they attract and retain fans.

Does usage time really matter?

Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg wants his company to put a larger emphasis on quality engagements, instead of solely focusing on how long each user spends on Facebook and Instagram. In an earlier update, Facebook rolled out changes to people’s timelines that would prioritize posts from friends and family over viral videos.

It will be interesting to see how this shift in Facebook’s approach will ultimately impact user base growth, user loyalty, and digital marketing strategies. If marketers notice a significant decrease in overall usage on the two mega platforms, they may look to other social media services to promote their products.

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