According to the Customer Service Institute, 65% of an average business’ sales are derived from existing customers. Furthermore, it costs up to 5 to 8 times more to attract new customers compared to retaining existing ones. This shows the importance of tapping into all available resources in order to maintain customer loyalty. Facebook is a powerful tool when it comes to engaging your customers and interacting with them through the simple actions enlisted below you might be able to boost your customer loyalty.

Answer Feedback or Complaints in a Timely Manner

Customers generally respond well if their complaints meet a friendly ear who is able to solve their issues in their favor. Some customers might not necessarily provide positive feedback on your page but there is a higher possibility that a negative feedback would end up on your Facebook page. If you manage to provide a quick response and solution to the client, you might convert that person into a loyal customer.

Encourage Customers to Post on Your Wall

You might provide a direct link to your Facebook page from your main site or invite your customers by email to contribute to your Facebook page. Encouraging your customers to contribute on your page would provide a reassurance to new customers about the quality of your products or the convenience of your service. Customers who make regular purchases online or who prefer to read product reviews online, tend to make their decisions based on these reviews and other customers’ experience. Therefore, having customer reviews that show up on your Facebook page could be beneficial to your business