topseosoftwarereviewsLink building is coming under increasing scrutiny with the release of the latest version of the Penguin ranking signal. The basic premise is to avoid getting low quality inbound links. To that end, here are three safe link building tactics:

Press and PR

Real world actions can also result in one way backlinks. One of the best is reserved specifically for businesses that can launch or publicize themselves with some press coverage and a press release. Most sites that cover the event will link to the site or the page and so will sites that cover press releases.

Content outreach

For sites that have a good foundation of content, another good tactic is to locate sites that do reviews, roundups and contact them about including your content. An example of this is where sites do review roundups and feature as many good reviews of a product they can find and use that to come up with a meta-review. There are versions of these for almost all niches.

Broken links

This is a similar tactic to the above that requires a good library of content. In this case, we would need to locate broken links on pages that link out to others and offer our own content as replacement. For this to work the content would have to be relevant to the link that is being replaced as well as of a better level of quality. Tools like Xenu and Screaming Frog will be needed for this.