Google is reiterating its initiatives to promote the mobile experience by testing ways to speed up websites searched through a mobile device especially for slow connections. Users can choose to opt out of these tests.

The search engine giant has recently announced the Google Lite feature suitable for slow mobile connections. This feature would be accessed from search results pages. Google is also striving to test the optimization of web pages once the user has clicked on the search result to land on the site. This initiative aims to provide a better and faster experience to mobile users. The viewer would be presented with an almost basic version of the web page with heavy images and files being stripped down. The page would also be visible on a special Google URL.

In order to carry out their tests, Google has chosen Indonesia for users with slow connections such as those on 2G speed. So far, Google’s tests have demonstrated that the pages are loading up to four times faster than original pages. The page load is also requiring up to 80% less bytes which is beneficial for the user. These optimized pages are also benefiting from a 50% increase in their traffic.

Google has moreover provided a help page with the aim of letting web page owners test their sites through the optimized Google version. Webmasters have the possibility of opting out of this service. Some site owners might not be satisfied with the way their optimized pages look others might prefer not to omit ads on their page.