Adwords has various features that come handy when it comes to managing a PPC account. The dimensions tab is one of the most crucial ones are it allows users to gain accurate and essential analytics. The Dimensions tab is basically a diagnostic tool that users can view daily depending on the ad group used and campaigns opted for.

Feature 1: Time Analysis

In order to fine tune the performance of an ad, the time analysis feature can be assessed. This sections allows users to have insights on their ad performance by factors such as hour of the day, day of the week, month, year and quarter. This data can be used to alter the scheduling and delivery of ads based on the time where they perform the best.

Feature 2: Geographic Analysis

Most ads would be targeting specific locations relevant to the business. This feature allows users to get an idea of the top-performing locations. This allows them to sort out conversions, get data by states and in countries. Marketers would thus be able to assess the effectiveness of their ads based on where the person was located (whether in the targeted zone or not).

Feature 3: Search Terms

Analysis of search terms allows users to know which terms have resulted in your ads showing up from multiple perceptions, that is account, campaign and ad groups. For instance, if a campaign is costing too much on a day, users would be able to head to the dimensions tab and view specific search terms. Irrelevant search terms can then be negated.