Digital advertising company engage:BDR is proud to announce that it has been ranked in Quantcast’s list of Top 20 Global Ad Networks. The company uses Quantcast Measure profiles to determine its statistics, and found that engage:BDR ranks in the top ten for domestic and global business. Although the list receives a quarterly update, this is a sign that engage:BDR is experiencing rapid growth within the digital advertising landscape on both desktop and mobile platforms.

The list that Quantcast maintains is designed to provide some insight into the global advertising eco-system. Measuring statistics like audience size helps validate engage:BDR as an advertising platform, with over 180 million users served globally, and puts the competition in perspective.

Quantcast created the Top 20 Global Ad Networks list from platforms that allow the company to measure statistics. Stats are measured on a 30-day time frame, which is a method utilized to identify an audience while excluding duplicate visits.

Branching out into the global marketplace has become more important than ever, and engage:BDR has met that challenge with micro-targeting designed to broadcast your ads to the exact audience you’re looking for. You can even hyper target locally using mobile platforms, which allows greater reach and the ability to target by carrier or by browser. However, engage:BDR has wider reach ensuring users can target the largest possible segments of traffic within a particular niche.

This level of control over segmentation reduces advertiser costs, improves click-thru rates and provides better targeted traffic. This process also happens in real time, so advertisers begin collecting data immediately. Even at the international level. With the rapid increase of mobile channels, including video and display advertising, it’s important for advertisers to properly reach users on the go. engage:BDR will help companies continue to hit those targets without waiting for results. That competitive edge is important in the world of direct marketing, where data is everything.

For engage:BDR, this milestone also represents the infrastructure required to expand business globally. As we get deeper into 2015, engage:BDR expects to see a rise in both global and domestic traffic and an even firmer foothold within the world advertising marketplace.

Bio: Based out of Los Angeles, Ted Dhanik is the CEO and co-founder of engage:BDR. Ted Dhanik is an expert in both mobile and desktop digital advertising, and an active startup mentor. For more information about Ted Dhanik, search for engage:BDR.