The-Underrated-Benefits-of-Email-SegmentationWritten by: eTargetMedia

Often times, email marketers will look around for advice on how to improve opens and clicks as well as run overall campaigns. And most of the time, they’ll overlook one thing that increases conversions, segmentation.

If you haven’t heard of segmentation before, it essentially means sending each individual customer a specific email that’s catered to them at the time. An example would be signing up for a clothing company’s newsletter and choosing male as your gender. What you’ll typically see in your inbox will be samples of male clothing articles that cater to your interest.

Domain Segmentation

The power of segmentation can not only increase your conversion rate, but it can also make an individual feel privileged for utilizing a specific domain for example.

Let’s say company “XYZ” wants to reach out and offer a promotional coupon code that’s exclusive to a group of individuals. By looking through their subscription list, they start categorizing based on email service providers. Doing so will narrow down which group they would want to send out the promotional code to. Then, company XYZ can create an exclusive coupon that will be sent out to users that signed up with the targeted web service provider.

This strategy, while it may not seem like it, will increase your conversion rate as they will share it around to others that did not receive the email, piquing their interest to where that coupon becomes ten times more valuable than it would be in a general mass email. You can include certain discounts or even free shipping on a service in this email – try to avoid free products as your email will be seen just for the item itself instead of your company.

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