Social bootopsoftwareviewskmarking software tends to have a bad name. It used to represent software that people used to spam social networks with links. This was done with the expectation that it provided some kind of SEO benefit. This lead to submissions and creation of thousands spam links and accounts. Thanks in part to limitations set by the various networks, bulk submission software are no longer used in the same way.

The newer take on Social bookmarking software, just like its previous use, is to be able to share a single link to many social networks at once. Now, there are several additional features.

Schedule posting

One of the biggest trends in social networks now is share your content at the right time. Specific times of day have been identified for various audiences. In addition another form scheduling used is to repeat share. For example older content is repeatedly shared over the course of a month. Doing any of this manually would be very time consuming and would involve posting at difficult times of day.

Multiple networks

Another new feature is to post to multiple networks but ensure that the features of those specific networks are followed. For example, when sharing an article, the Facebook share would be to share the image and the description and link. The twitter part would shorten the url and make sure the tweet looked proper at 140 characters. Instagram would require the image be square and have a filter applied so it appears native to the network.

These two features alone are worth using social bookmarking software to manage sharing your content on multiple social networks. There will be more engagement and traffic with less use your time.