Almost a year after Google had launched a new Penguin update, which was a most awaited one. Many webmasters were impatient to know the outcome of Penguin 3.0 as they were expecting to recover from the last algorithm update. The major goal of this new update is to remove spam from the web.

For the time being there is no information as to the amount of queries that Penguin 3.0 has affected. This is the sixth algorithm update of Google Penguin and has been one of the most anticipated one. In case you have been hit by this update, you might have to wait for the next one to reap the result of any changes or corrections you might have made.

This Google Penguin 3.0 update presents you with the opportunity to test whether your site has been keeping clean backlinks and link profile. This new update also signifies that you have some actions to take, especially if you notice changes in your PR and other rankings, whether that is positive or negative.

If changes are negative, this is the time to ponder on the actions to take for improvement. Hopefully, the next algorithm update would not take another year, so you might be able to recover from any decline. If ever the effects of Penguin 3.0 are positive, you would know that you are on the right path and that the strategies that you have been adopting have paid off. The effect of this update might take some time to show, so you might want to track your stats more often in the coming days.