Google Adwords has recently added a very helpful paid search how-to guide. This feature can be accessed through its Learn tab. The purpose of this guide is to assist users who might be feeling overwhelmed by the constant updates in the Adwords service that the company is often bringing. It might be complicated to keep up with all these changes. The how-to guide facilitates adwords user experience.

This helpful new tool, designed by Google, is part of the Google Best Practices series. It can be found in the Help section of Adwords. These series propose actionable guidances on the best use of Adwords products for a successful paid search campaign. It will also acts as Google office guidebook to Adwords. These Google Best Practices comprise of all areas of paid search and even encompasses measuring analytics and keywords optimization.

In addition to these, Google has also implemented a new timeline tool that would help users to keep track of the launching of new features and any changes brought to the Adwords service. The timeline, at the name suggests, lists down all the updates in a chronological manner. For instance, Adwords has been subject to a staggering amount of 200 updates only during the last year. A time-ordered list would definitely serve to avoid user confusion and to help them keep abreast of changes without have to spent too much time looking for which changes would apply to them. The timeline would also provide brief descriptions for each of the new products, updates or features launched along with relevant links for further information.