The ‘About’ page is the most visited one on any company’s website. People visit this page to understand the purpose and their reputation.

That said, there’s a tendency to bore them with history or a list of services. Try and avoid this as this will drive them away.

So, here are 4 ways by which you can make your ‘About Us’ page appealing:

topseosoftwareviewers1: Create a Brand Platform

Instead of adding a mission statement, it’s best to create a brand platform. This gives the company its identity while explaining where it fits in the marketplace. In other words, it presents the perfect corporate image. It also creates a set of mental associations that customers make about the organization.

2: Avoid History

People will read a story about a company rather than their historical timeline. Don’t talk about how you started. Express the challenges you faced and how you overcame them. You don’t need to talk about how long you’ve been in business. Think about crafting a story in an innovative manner to gain interest.

3: Add Location Photos of Your Company

Always add photos of your company’s location. Avoid pictures of an empty. Instead, showcase employees at the location. Employees interacting with customers is an excellent idea. If you office space is impressive, make sure you take professional photos. These images will generate trust and convey professionalism and quality. You won’t have to say a word either.

4: Don’t Make a Sales Pitch

Your About Page should explain the ‘why’ and not the ‘how’ of your business. If you explain why the company is in business, it sheds light on the problems it solves. Talk about the company’s specialties or services but don’t overdo it. For that, you can create other pages explaining them in detail.