The problem with most modern SEO professionals is that they rely on old techniques in a world where Google uses machine learning. SEO should change with the times and optimize their practices. Here are a few techniques that SEO’s should use to stay current:

User experience

The primary purpose of using machine learning to improve search ranking was the user experience. Previously, Google had to rely on external factors as signals for ranking. However, with machine learning, Google can apply criteria specific to the site at a global level. For example, using machine learning Google can now determine the quality of the content, the usability of the design, and so much more. This is why the entire site should cater to the end-user experience.

Thematic Continuity

Another important consideration for webmasters is thematic continuity. Google views the path through a website as a journey. Hubspot calls the structure “Topic clusters.” The concept follows pillars of content which address broader themes. Pages lower in the hierarchy focus on sub-topics and with links from the pillar pages.

Natural language

Search powered by artificial intelligence will skew towards natural language. Rather than target your text, titles, keywords, phrases, and content towards text search, target voice search instead. When you use natural language text geared for voice search, you will automatically optimize for broad search text and long tail voice searches.